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Pre-Start, Startup, Scaleup.

Hunter or Hunted?

In business your either a hunter, or your the prey. Which are you?

What We Do

Pre-Start - Risk reduction, strategic planning

On of the absolute best times to reduce risk (increase the chances of your success) in starting a business is actually before you start. We provide loads of free materials and advice to help you step forward boldly into your new business .

Startup - Access to funding, active support

Access to funding, business advice and active support as you start your business.

Scaleup - Growth support, Management support

World class consultancy to assist you as you grow and develop scaleable systems within your business.

Areas of impact

This is what we do and how we do it

We are a 100% not-for-profit established for one purpose. To help people step forward into starting their own businesses successfully. Lead by serial entrepreneur Matthew Black we aim to assist as many people as possible start their own business. The drive is based on horrific statistics on business failures as well as the dramatic inequalities around the world. Where possible we create and distribute a range of information, tools and advice free of charge in a scalable and replicable way. We engage both individuals and organisations that share similar aims, whether they are for profit or charitable. Our current goal is to help 1,000,000 people start their own business by 2020. Beyond that.. well lets see shall we.

While Innovation, problems and entrepreneurial spirit is equally distributed around the world, opportunity, access to funding and the right advice to transform ideas into the solutions to world craves, is not. We work to equal out that imbalance.


Profit we re-invested into helping startup founders


Founders that fail to raise funding for their idea


Startups that fail within the first year


Percentage of startups (UK) that fail within 10 yrs

How we create impact around the world

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Startup V livecast TV station

Startup face a lot of challenges, but by far the biggest is REACH. No matter how great your idea, product, service team , brand etc. is you MUST reach your target audience. In short if they don't know you exist you will NEVER make any money. Thats where Startup V comes in. We create affordable (sometimes even free) exposure for startups, and those that want to help startups. We use start of the art technology to showcase new startups, product lunches, services as well as cover hot news in a fresh online & livecast format.

Startup V livecast TV station -
The Little Black Book

Too many founders are ill prepared for the pitch battle that awaits them as they wade into starting up their company. After working with thousands of founders our founder Matthew Black decided to write his first book "the Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs". He wrote it in four days. Not because it is short, in fact the editors cut it almost in half because he had not only meet the brief for the book but had enough extra material to start a second (see "the Startup survival guide" due out late 2016). He wrote it in four days because he has such an intimate knowledge of what a Founder needs. The follow up to this smash success (nominated for People choice, sold in over 17 countries) is the Jet-pack. A collection of amazing tools, videos and advice aimed squarely at want to be founders as they take their first steps building their idea, the structures and accessing the funding they need to grow their dream into a profitable reality.

The Little Black Book -
The Startup Survival Guide

The Startup Survival Guide project (SSG) is actually a byproduct of a book writing research exercise by our Founder Matthew Black. In researching his second book he wantyed to ensure that all the material was as relevent and effective at driving a new business toward s success as possible. So he put all his best material into a three month long seminar series and delivered over 60 workshops across the world, in persona, via skype, phone and live cast across the internet to thousands of Founders for FREE. This prodigious effort created the nuch needed validation of his theories, but the byproduct, a free and library of hundreds of hours of Video, notes and tools, is going to made available over time to founders for free on the website

The Startup Survival Guide -
Startup Loan Secrets

Startup loans, a UK government initiative to furnish residents with a low interest loan of up to £25,000 to help them start a business. They also offer then (through partners) mentors that are meant to increase success rates.... the problem is they do not. They have given away over £217M to almost 38,000 founders, but independent research has found over 80% failed to last more than 1 year, that is over 50% LESS successful than the UK average. The "partner" loan providers are paid bounties for successful funding and are therefore focused on processing volume, low value loans for high profit not founders dreams and their families future. The Startup Loan organisation is under pressure from Govt. to meet funding quotas to make MP's look good. The losers are ill prepared founders, usually offered to little for poorly structured plans, and volunteer Mentors have not enough skills, or time to help them out of these deadly traps before they even start. We aim to address this issue by giving the startup loans cleints something they need desperately. Proper guidance BEFORE then get their loan. Tough love for those that may not succeed, and a leg up for those that might make it. The truth is, if your average person gets a Startup Loan and fails, they are MUCH worse off than if they never had one at all. We can help.

Startup Loan Secrets -

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